Traumatic Prison Visits - By A Prisoners Partner

Hello Prisoners Families Voices. I found the link to your blog through reading, Inside Time, online. I've been pretty much a sceptic with most issues surrounding prisoners families, because when I visit my partner, I look around and see a bizarre picture of young women dressed provocatively kissing and smooching with their partners and paying no attention to their children. Sorry if I sound a bit nasty, but I want to tell the truth. I also know many families have a very difficult time and those are the families that I support. My daughter is 5 years old and every time we visit, she gets hysterical during the searches. No matter how many times we go, it's always the same. Leaving is the same to and she cries clinging on to her dad saying she wants to stay with him. The prison officers aren't compassionate. In fact, I have only met 1 nice officer who spent some time talking to my daughter and myself after a visit once, and I wish she was around every time we visit. Sadly it's not the case. From my visiting experience, I have only noticed that it's my daughter who is upset and other children are fine. I guess why I am writing to you is because I would like my mind put to rest and to know if any other parent experiences this with their children? Thank you so much.