UK Government Couldn't Care Less About Children Of Prisoners

By Helena

How do children of prisoners get help? The reason I'm asking is because my friend's husband is in prison and her son is distraught. It's not his fault his dad decided to commit a crime. My friend is battling trying to get her boy some help. But no one seems to know what direction to point her in. His head is messed up. His school work has gone down hill and his sleep pattern is worrying.
He was bullied at school when TV decided to show a prison documentary. And parents of other school children have warned their kids not to play with him because his dad's in prison. Doctors won't help him because he isn't ill. Social services won't help him because he isn't being abused. School counsellors can't help him because they aren't trained to deal with parental imprisonment. So who the **** can help him? The Government obviously don't give give a toss about prisoners children because they haven't put any services in place for them. Shall I report the Government to the NSPCC? The UK Government are a set of useless toffs who quite frankly knock me sick!