The UK Has Nothing To Offer - By Angela

Husband sold drugs to fund son's Uni fees

Hi, I would like to reply to the lady who wrote in about her husband selling drugs to fund their son's uni fees. ( Above highlighted link ) No one can condone what he's done as we all know that drugs destroy peoples life's. On the other hand, I can understand the frustration as to why he did it. My partner has been released from prison for nearly two years. He had one temporary job, then was laid off. He has taken on bits of agency work but the work is just not consistent enough.
One night, after a day of struggling to pay bills, he said to me, " I may as well go bent again because going straight isn't paying." At that point, my stomach churned because whilst he has been doing well, he's realizing how hard it is in the free world. My partner has lived a life of crime since he was 13 years old. If he couldn't afford anything, he took it. That was his life and he learnt 'his trade' off his dad, who spent most of his life in prison too. To cut a long story short, I changed his life. he enjoyed earning an honest living, but there isn't much honest wages going round in the UK at the moment. I would be gutted if he went back to his old ways, and that's me and him finished if he does. The UK has nothing to offer. So how easy is it for ex cons to slip back in to their old ways? Lets ask Ken Clarke!