We Found The Right Probation Officer - By Kerry Anne

HI PFV. Nice to meet you all! I found your link via BEN'S PRISON BLOG. I would like to say that my partners probation officer was brilliant. We did however have to get through 3 probation officers before we found him. It is probably a rarity, but he involved me in a lot of my partners resettlement plan, which I truly believe that probation officers should. My partners first probation officer didn't give me the time of day. He wasn't interested in anything I had to say and took nothing on board. I felt left out of the loop and basically thrown to one side. My partner has now completed his prison licence but we as a family still very much keep in touch with his former probation officer. I gave him information on how difficult it is for prisoners families to form a relationship with probation and he took everything on board and said by my doing so, he had a better understanding of how families can play a huge part in supporting ex prisoners. I have loved reading your blog and wish you all the very best.