What? Employ an Ex Prisoner!! - by Mary PFV volunteer

Lies for a brighter future. by Anon.
Release and Employment. by Carrie

The recent posts (click on links above) about the problem of what to put on CV's made me think of the reasons behind employers reluctance to give people (yes, ex prisoners are people!!) a chance to reintegrate back into society? They have, after all, served their sentence. That loss of liberty, being the punishment for the crime committed, not an ongoing life sentence. The stigma attached to having been in prison is akin to just that. I also believe that until 'Joe Public' can differentiate between punishment and revenge families will continue to be victims too.

What it does tell me is that no matter what the so called 'experts' say about the 'rehabilitation' that goes on in prisons, a lot of the time it doesn't work, in fact, for a lot of prisoners it slows down their release, sometimes for months or even years. How ridiculous is it that there are compulsory courses which must be completed before release will even be considered, but, especially now under Cammie & Cleggie's cuts, there aren't enough places on these courses anyway.

What it also tells me is that employers have absolutely no confidence in our prison service, probation service or indeed the 'experts' who are trotted out on radio/tv/the web every time there is a chance of some serious debate and reform. If they did surely more ex prisoners would be given a chance by them.

As for the problem of how to explain the 'gaps' on CV's, whether to tell the truth or not, i'm afraid you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't.