Who Cares About Children of Prisoners? - by Mary PFV volunteer

UK Government Couldn't Care Less About Children of Prisoners

I really get the feeling of sheer frustration of Helena's post (see link above). It's the same old story of stigma and discrimination that the families of prisoners have to endure on a daily basis. Yes, the parent/partner has committed the crime, and in the words of the 'throw away the key brigade' "if you can't do the time then don't do the crime". What crime have these children/partners committed?

When will our Government (and it really doesn't matter which party is in power) realise that these children are our future. Over the last ten years our prison population has exploded, now standing in the region of 85.000 and rising. That tells me the system isn't working. The rate of re-offending is staggering yet the families, and that includes children, are expected to help reduce it, how? How many children of offenders, ex or otherwise, follow the same path? Things like watching the police turn up at your home mob handed, to take your parent back to prison for some petty infringement of some of the ludicrous rules they are under, horror visits to some usually far away place, the attitudes of some prison officers, would certainly leave you with a bad impression about authority.

The lack of support for prisoners families is disgusting, we are told there are charities which exist to help these partners/children of prisoners, where are they?. If you are lucky enough to be involved with one you will most probably have waited some time for the privilege. Most of them rely on Government funding which in itself comes with conditions attached, never a good thing for independent action.