You've Got NO Mail - By Angry Jail Wife

Hi, I am wondering whether the favourite pass time of a prison officer is a game called - Messing with mail? My partner is going mad because his mail his very hit and miss. Sometimes he will receive letters from me the day after, and other times he will receive mail two weeks late. So when he gets the late mail from the prison, it sends our communication haywire! He says that the postal markings are dated correctly so it's the prison that must be holding some letters back for some reason? My letters do not contain anything un-towards. So what is their problem, or have they got a problem with my partner? He has put in a complaint but nothing was done about it. If they want families to remain in touch, then the Prison Service need to get their act together instead of taking the pee, because that's what seems to be happening. Has anyone else had the same problem?