Always The Children

I am amazed at the amount of posts on the subject of the effects of imprisonment on the children of prisoners. This is not surprising though when you hear some of the stories. There are those who argue that the 'offender' should have thought of that before committing crime, well in an ideal world they would have. We do not live in an ideal world, is this a good enough reason to continue to allow children to suffer because of who their parent is?.
Trauma of a police raid by an anonymous contributor brings home the horrific after effects of these raids. While the police may well apologise, this does nothing to help remove the traumatic images from a child's mind. A worried mum writes,"Why aren't children of prisoners given any help?". I too would love an answer to that one!!. When will we, as a society actually do something about the lack of help and support for families, especially the children of prisoners?. I know there are charities and groups out there, but are usually so under funded or badly run that they can help only a few. We are constantly told by the Govt. that they are going to reduce re offending, oh and by the way that's because we are going to get the families to help, cut as much as we can from the very services they will need to do that, and ignore the plight of our future generation.