As If We Didn't Know! - By Paul

A new study has found that prisons' staff across Britain are among the most corrupt British servicemen, an issue which makes prisons 'a hotbed of corruption'.

The study, carried out by Transparency International UK, has identified up to 1,000 officers as corrupt, with staff smuggling mobiles, SIM cards and drugs into jails on a huge scale.

The study also found the drug trade alone within prisons is worth £100 million per year.

The charity behind the report says anti-corruption budgets have been cut - harming the Prison Service Corruption Prevention Unit.

“The link between organised crime and corruption is a recurring theme in prison”, said Chandrashekhar Krishnan, director of Transparency International UK.

Meanwhile, a recent report entitled “Corruption in the UK”, has revealed that there is a greater level of corruption in Britain than is widely accepted.

The true extent of corruption in the UK is much more widespread and deep-rooted than the government admits, according to the report.

Transparency International also commissioned an opinion poll, based on which more than half of the British people believe that corruption is getting worse.

The poll highlighted four areas of particular concern, including prisons, parliament, political parties and sport.

The anti-corruption campaign group has cautioned the coalition government that spending cuts may create an environment that greatly increases the risk of graft.