Babies Behind Bars

I'm not sure about putting Babies Behind Bars (ITV1), to be honest. I suppose it depends what they've done; it doesn't seem entirely right to me, though you could argue prison is like a big cot. Toddlers maybe, but even then I think incarceration should be used only as a last resort, after the naughty step has failed, say, three times. Yes, three steps and you're out, or rather in, that could work as a deterrent. But babies! I know they can do some pretty horrendous things, but I'm not sure they can be expected to fully understand the law or even if they can be held responsible for their own actions.

Oh, I see, it's about babies who are born in prison, and a fascinating scheme in a US jail that allows some women to keep them. Normally they're taken away, after 24 hours. Ouch. But the Indiana Women's Prison has a new nursery wing called Wee Ones which allows a few babies to remain with their mothers. Behind bars.

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