Back to the Parole Board :-( by Mary PFV volunteer

As you know here at PFV we often mention our friend Prisoner Ben, incarcerated from the age of 14 for a crime, which if committed today, would certainly not see someone of that age spending the next 31 years in prison. Imagine our disappointment then to hear he has now been referred back to the parole board, hopefully within yet another year!! Please click HERE to read his post on this.

How galling it must be, finally, after more than 31 years, to turn up at the open prison you have spent so long trying to get to, only to be turned away at the gate? Left in limbo in Cardiff before being sent back to where you came!! and all due to an unfortunate "admin error"?. Then in an act of desperate jubilation upon being told you were again on the move to open, you used an illegal mobile phone. Stupid or not, who can blame him in trying to let his partner know what was happening? Please continue to help support Ben, comments or messages of support can be left on either his or the Free Prisoner Ben facebook page.

I think John Hirst, the jailhouselawyer has got a valid point when he ask if it's time to abolish parole boards.
Please CLICK HERE to read his post.