Ex Prisoner Lies For Employment - By Anon Wife

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I have emailed you before about my husband finding it hard to find a job after being released from prison. He has been for lots of interviews but every letter that comes through the door says: sorry but no. His probation officer told him to be honest and up front about his previous conviction ( robbery) but job interviews are proving that honesty is sometimes not the best policy. After knock back after knock back, he has changed and altered his CV. I know that lying is deceitful, but I would rather him lie than go back to prison. He did so well in prison achieving diploma's and certificates and for that I am proud of him. He is a different person and has stayed well away from the drugs and his old acquaintances. That was part of my deal and the reason he is back home with us. I told him in no uncertain terms that if he wanders back in to 'old' life, then he's history. But he is doing well holding it down here in the free world. Today, he was taken on by an agency and starts some temporary employment on Monday. I have never seen him so happy because he has tried so damn hard to get himself a job. The bug bare is, he has had to tell a few fibs on his CV to get it! Thanks PFV for some brilliant posts, because I realise that my husband is not on his own and there must be hundreds of frustrated ex offenders trying to find work. All I can say is I wish them and their families all the best and to keep trying.