Grief Landed Father In Prison

Two years ago, a dear friend of mine passed away. She left behind lots of loved ones, including her 2 year old son, who is now 4. The little one lived with his Dad, who then through grief, turned to drink. 5 months ago, he was charged with a section 18 offence and received a 6 year IPP sentence. The little boy is now living with his elderly grandparents. He witnessed his Dad commit an horrendous crime and has regular nightmares. He's no Mum has she passed away and now he technically has no father because he will be in prison for a long time. I spoke to his grandparents and they are getting no help off the Government whatsoever and I find this a disgrace. They have basically been left to their own devices to raise a damaged little boy, who is adorable by the way. I have to say that I had never given children of prisoners a second thought until I had experienced this. I help my friends grandparents by having the little boy twice a week to give them a break. I found your site through the Google search engine and just thought I would share my story with you.