I Blame Probation For My Family Break-Up

Hi all. I would like to discuss the issue concerning prisoners children and prison recall please.
There have been a few posts on your blog from families regarding the probation service. I hate to say this, but my partners probation officer was neither use nor ornament. Our daughter is 15 and was devastated when her dad went to prison. Our daughter was my main priority. When her dad came out of prison, she thought that was it and he was free. She met her dads probation officer on an home visit when he came to our house and he was unfriendly and obnoxious. Thank God he refused the offer of a cup of tea! Sadly, a few months after her dad was released, his mother passed away. He disappeared for 4 days and went on the beer. I rang his probation officer to let him know that he hadn't been home and told him why. But I was worried and I needed to talk to someone in authority. He did come home and when he did, I informed his probation officer to let him know that he had returned home. Woe and behold, the next day, the police hammered at my door and cuffed him. His probation officer had recalled him back to prison. Our daughter was absolutely hysterical! Having just lost her grandma and her dad lost his mum, this was the final blow. Probation officers need to work with prisoners families, yet I feel that they often work against them. Many posts on your blog focus on families dealing with imprisonment, yet release from prison is equally important. Because of the stress, we split up. Yes, I blame probation for ruining our family because I am bitter. I understand that probation have rules. But I question, are probation officers human sometimes? My partner had been released from prison, released back in to our home which had changed a lot whilst he was away. He had to build his relationship up back up with his daughter, and to add to his stress, his mum passed away. Probation kindly helped the situation by locking him up! I know there are good probation officers. But my experience of them is, I never want to be involved with another one ever again!