Informing Families Of The Consequences Of Prison Recall

Probation - By Mary. PFV Volunteer

RE: highlighted link.

Hi Mary, I would like to say that I agree with what you said about probation and how they should get to know their clients. Probation should write to prisoners families to explain what a prison licence is all about. Some families haven't got a clue about the consequences of breaching a prison licence. Offenders who are released to a home address with family and children should be made aware of licence conditions. No if's or but's. When the MOJ receive a fax from probation, the police come hammering on your door. In some cases, front and back door. How scared must the children be? If the prisoner breaches his/her licence, then that's their problem. But innocent children and family members need not be subjected to it. Families play the biggest part in the form of resettlement, NOT the probation officer. It is family members of prisoners that visit week in and week out. I've had my own gripe with probation in the past, and sorry, I am not a lover of them at all simply because some probation officers recall offenders for the most inane reasons. But then I think, well The Parole Board need to keep their jobs don't they? More communication is needed. If probation agree that the offender can reside back at home, then they should inform the family members about the consequences of prison licence!!!!

Love and best wishes

Sam x