It's Not Probation's Job To Support Families - By Emm

Probation Are A Tick-Box Service

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Probation's role is to manage the offender, not his/her family members, but I do know where the person who posted is coming from. The Government have recently said that offenders families can help to reduce re-offending - but the Government aren't helping the families to help the offenders!
Probation have their work cut out and yes I do understand and have had experience first hand at attending probation with my partner only to be sat with yet another different trainee probation officer and not his original probation officer who came to see me on a home visit before my partner was released. Is it any wonder that ex offenders can't be bothered turning up for that 5 minute appointment? Wouldn't it save time and money to just ring them at home? Because it's the same old, same old jargon - " Is everything OK?" And at that, they send another appointment through the post for the next same old, same old, question! My partner is doing well. He's been lucky enough to find employment and has stayed on the right track. His probation appointments are a ball ache he says, and it's just a case of a tick-box, and he's been in to see them. I'm quite an head strong person, but there are families who do need some support living with an ex offender. In some cases, it's difficult for a family member to keep tabs on their partner 24/7, making sure they are sticking to the rules. My partner was in prison in 1989 - 1992 and I've just asked him his opinion on probation. He says that the 'old skool' lot were much better and they spent time with the offender. His opinion on them now I cannot repeat, but from my opinion as a family member supporting an ex offender, they may as well scrap their appointments and phone their clients to save bus fares and travel fares! Five minutes of their time really is a waste of time.