Maintaining Family Contact? What A Load Of Rubbish!

I was chatting to someone who said that it is possible to maintain a relationship when a loved one is in prison. I don't doubt that some people can, and do make the best out of a grim situation. But what happens when a loved one is shipped out miles away from home? My daughter can only see her Dad once every 6 weeks, sometimes 8 weeks. Anything is possible, right? Sorry, but wrong!
I am only entitled to a small amount of money towards the cost of a prison visit. Finances only allow me to visit every other 6-8 weeks. My daughter is 8 years old and not the best writer. Her relationship revolves around prison telephone calls and we all know how much they cost! So unless I have a lucky win on the lottery, then my daughter is subjected to a visit every 6-8 weeks. Those who say that maintaining a relationship with a loved one in prison is possible, obviously aren't in my situation!