My Partners Imprisonment Has Left Me In Debt - By Anonymous

Hi. I am writing in to you because I am wondering if other family members of prisoners feel the same as me. My partner has recently been sentenced to prison. I love him, but right now I hate him. He's lost his job, because obviously he's in prison, and I am left with bills I cannot afford to pay. I'm stressed to the max because now as a single parent, I have to claim benefits and because my partner is locked up, I have had to inform Tax Credits and others. He wants me to visit him, but I am so bitter and angry he has left me and the children in this situation. He committed a crime because we were in debt, but we are in even more debt now because of his selfish actions. I had no idea what he had done until the Police arrested him at 5.00am at home. I was petrified and without any explanation, he was handcuffed and taken away. I was ringing the police station who wouldn't tell me anything, and I was in such a mess. I didn't want to phone my parents or his because of the embarrassment. To make matters worse, my partner is in HMP Manchester ( Strangeways ) and I watched the documentary and hated it. I'm just at a loss right now. Thanks for listening.

CLICK HERE and visit Partners Of Prisoners ( POPS)

Citizens Advice Bureau - Help with debt matters.

( The person who sent us this post has been emailed other organisations that may help )