Oakwood Distribution - By Ex Employee

Hi PFV. I have read some posts on your blog about, Oakwood Distribution Ltd and Staffline UK.
I worked for them. If there is any disputes, the managers aren't interested because I will tell you this much, Staffline will just fill your place and employ another immigrant worker. Sorry, but I am not being rude to any individual when I say this, but trust me, dare you swear back at a Polish employee and you are well and truly knackered. Whilst I was there, two members of staff walked out because of the way they treat BRITISH employees. The management haven't got the back bone to reply to any of your complaints if it involves Polish workers. MP Iain Duncan Smith was correct in saying.. more British jobs for British workers. If my husband was made to walk two hours home in the rain at 5.00am in the morning, then trust me, I would send an undercover reporter in to work and see for themselves. Staffline UK are too crap scared to stand up to this company in case they lose their precious contract! Disgusting! Makes my blood boil when a British born worker gets sacked just for defending himself!