Oakwood Distribution LTD Discriminate British Employees

Well, well, well. Yet again this firm rears its ugly head! I received yet another email from an ex employee, a British one, stating that she left because she didn't appreciate the way this company treated its staff - British staff. You may remember that I recently wrote about one of our member's husband being dismissed from Oakwood Distribution because he swore and defended himself against another member of staff who was, Polish. Naturally, the British employee was sacked and was made to walk home at 5.00am in the morning in the rain, because there was no public transport available at that time of the morning. Many emails were sent to be passed on to Oakwood Distribution, and the spineless management as yet, haven't had the balls to reply. I know that some of our members on the blog have emailed MP, Iain Duncan-Smith in agreement that he stated, more British jobs, for British people. Oakwood Distribution are owned by supermarket giants, Tesco. As well as employing their own staff, staff are brought in by an agency called, Staffline UK. 70% in that factory are Polish workers. So trust me, dare you have a run-in with any immigrant workers, your arse is out of the door, simple as, and end of story!
Oakwood Distribution LTD discriminate against British employees. Please keep your emails coming in if you have worked for this shower. Our email is situated at the left side of our blog.