Prison Relationship Breakdown

My partner got an IPP sentence last year and I feel I cannot cope anymore with this prison journey, so I have ended our relationship. It will be years before he is out of prison and I have to move on. It's not been an easy decision and it has broken my heart. We have a three year old daughter and I promised I will take her to see him as much as I can afford to, because it's not her fault she has been thrust in to this situation. But when I took her to visit him last week, he broke down and I feel awful. My friends and family said it's his fault he's in prison and I agree it is, but they don't have to sit there with him and don't have to experience this emotional rollercoaster ride. In fact, they are clueless. I am already on depression tablets off the doctor because of the trauma of his arrest and trial. Is there anywhere online that I can seek some support off others in a similar situation?


Comment: Yes there is! Prison Chat UK is an online community support forum that enables you to chat online to other family members who are experiencing a difficult time. Please click on the above highlighted link. The forum is free to join and is secure.