Prison Widow's July Article In Inside Time

I went visiting the other half last week and it was an interesting visit to say the least. It seems my husband has found his creative side whilst being in prison. He's invented a brand new board game which he reckons will make us a fortune at Christmas. I'm not too sure though. I'm banking on an apple and orange in a stocking to be quite honest with you! He's called the game, 'Closed Visits.' The rules of the game are this: It's for four players and two players are people ( prisoners), and the other two are drugs dogs. You start off with twenty pounds each, which is paper canteen money. Each player takes turns shaking the dice, and if the drugs dog lands on the same square as the people, the drugs dog gets a pound of the canteen money towards a dog treat! I'm sure every parent in the UK will be rushing to buy it! Watch out, Monopoly, it looks like your sales are going to be pretty grim this year! It looks like Christmas will be pretty grim all round if anyone buys ' Closed Visits.' Having said that, maybe it might go down well with the prison officers? The game could be a hit for them on Boxing Day whilst tucking in to their Turkey butties?

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