Prisoners Children Need More Than Visitors Centres - By Jacques

My partner is out of prison now, but when I took my daughter to visit him ( age 4 at the time ) she was hysterical when we went through the searches. It ruined our visit every time. She was fine in the visitors centre and fine whilst travelling to the prison, but as soon as we went through the door to be searched, it was living hell. She would ask me what the dogs were doing. How can you explain that to a 4 year old? Seriously? She used to cry for half of the visit and then calm down. My daughter is now 7 and she still talks about the prison searches. That in my opinion says that prison visits do stick in a child's mind. It's been two years since my partner was released. Prison leaves a scar for children. If the Government are too blind to see it, then the likes of David Cameron and the morons in power before him, should be ashamed. Prisoners children need some kind of support network. Visitors centre's are great, don't get me wrong, but it goes beyond that and that's where the support is needed. Thank you for listening and all the best with your blog. I have really enjoyed reading it, so thank you.