Prisoners Children Never Forget - By E

Hello everyone. I would just like to say that I agree with the other posters who say that prisoners children don't forget. My son is now 16 and his dad went to prison when he was 7 and he can still remember the arrest and prison visits up to this day. I remember also that it took several months after his dads arrest for the nightmares to stop. I went through hell and back trying to get help but couldn't. I managed the best I could and gave my son lots of love. I would also like to say to other parents that, just because your child may seem OK and carries on with their normal daily life, it doesn't mean that they are not hurting inside, so it's important to sit and talk to your children about imprisonment. One of the worst things that I regret and my partner regrets is that our son remembers prison visiting more than other happy memories. If anyone asked him what he remembers during the age of 7-12, he always says, ' visiting my dad in prison.'