Prisoners Families Can Be Targeted

Hi everyone. My long term partner was sent to prison just over 6 months ago. Since then, I have had social services at my door, malicious phone calls and even the benefits fraud department round at my house, saying that I was committing benefit fraud? I'm not sure how that works when my partner has been in prison for 6 months do you? My partner was sent to prison after getting in to a fight outside a bar. It was a bad fight and the victim was badly hurt. I pray he recovers from it and feel for his family. However, the victims family has been causing me some problems by sending me nasty letters and reporting me to whoever they can report me to. I have even had the RSPCA at my door saying they have had a report that I am mistreating my dog! I have a lovely home and both me and my partner have worked hard to get it like that, but I have been looking for private rented accommodation just to get the hell out of the area! I don't blame the victims family for being bitter, I would feel the same, but the point is, I didn't do anything wrong, yet they are targeting me because obviously they cannot get to my husband. This now is causing a strain on mine and my partners relationship because if he hadn't had committed this crime, I would not be getting the hassle at my door. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous Partner of Prisoner