Probation Are Just A Tick Box Service

Families should be made aware of the consequences of prison recall.

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Firstly, 5 minute probation appointments are useless. I've been there and worn the t-shirt with all that when my partner was on prison licence. Half of the time, he never saw his probation officer officer. On most occasions, it would be a trainee or someone else. Great isn't it? Especially when his probation officer did a house visit and asked me some personal questions about our relationship! You'd have thought my partner would have seen his probation officer most of the time, not some young stuff in training! I agree with, Sam, ( above link ) that probation need to inform families about prison licence and what it really does entail. Some families of offenders cannot go and pick their loved ones up from prison. There are many reasons why. One being the prison is too far away, or they do not have transport to pick them up. For lots of prisoners being released, they rely on public transport to get home and more often than not, go straight to probation before they go home to get matters done and dusted before settling in with their families. That being the case, many families do not look at the prison licence and its conditions.
Offenders children need to know about the prison licence too. Like many on your blog have said, how devastating is it for a child to be over joyed their mum or dad is home, only to be taken away again by the Police if that prison licence is breached? It's not fair to put any child through that and yes, it would be heartbreaking and confusing for them indeed! Many organisations agree that offenders families can reduce re-offending? Well if that is the case, and they honestly think that, then the likes of probation should indeed be involved. Not only to support the offender, but to support his/her family who spends the majority of time with the offender. For me, and I am sorry to say this, but probation is a tick box service and a clocking in office for naughty boys and girls. Maybe some probation offices work differently? But I am from the North-West and it's the pits here. I am a firm believer in, every one is responsible for their own actions. It's a saying probation use often. It's also a saying that probation stick by, because yes, everyone is responsible for their own actions, so bin the probation service then in that case! Everyone is responsible for their own actions - but some need a little helping hand. If the probation service can't offer that, then all the MOJ need to do is, employ office workers who can tick boxes. I've read posts on your website by people who say that there are some good probation officers around. I won't argue with that, but 'some' is no good when others recall offenders for diabolical reasons. And there are plenty on the prison wings who will tell you. There are children of offenders in households that are affected by their mum's and dad's imprisonment.
There are also children in households who need educating about their mum's and dad's release from prison too. This is where the probation service should come in because otherwise, the recall process and the rest of it, can mess with a child's head especially if the Police turn up out of the blue and take their parent away again. The MOJ need to get a grip and protect these innocent kids!