Some Charities Need A Reality Check - By Julie Anne

Hi, OK, this is my problem. I have often read online that prisoners families are encouraged to maintain ties. That's all well and good for some of the charities to come out with that, but before they start spouting that off, they need a reality check. What happens when there is a family who's loved one is in a prison 5 - 6 hours away from home? I've met some families on visits and spoke to them about the distances they travel. Some families can only see their loved ones every two months or so. I'm in a situation where my daughter, 17 years old, started to have panic attacks after her Dad was arrested. She had one in the visiting room a few months ago and is too scared to visit now. There are children of prisoners who have some alarming issues and yet the Government do nothing. The Prison Service 'encourage' families to stay in touch via letter? OK, now unless they are a member of MENSA, how does a 3 year old sit down and write about his/her day in a letter to mum or dad in prison? So my message is, go ahead and encourage families to maintain ties, some are able to do it, but the charities and organisations need to spread their wings and sit up. NOT all families can achieve this!