Some Probation Officers Couldn't Manage Running A Tap - By Kate

AWOL on prison licence - by Jim Brown

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The problem I have with probation is this: Lack of communication! My sister did her partners probation officer job standing on her head. That's because she lived with an ex offender 24/7. And that's because she had been his partner for 8 years. Unless you get a good offender manager, I don't rate probation at all. My sisters partner breached his licence. But her honesty with his probation officer didn't pay off. She was upfront, but the probation officer wasn't, so he decided to send the police round to her house in force to arrest him and return him to prison. Three hysterical kids were in the house at the time. My sister rang probation to inform her partners officer that he had been using drugs and had stayed out overnight. Now then, instead of his probation officer explaining to her what would happen next, and to take the children to a neighbours so that they wouldn't see their dad being arrested etc, those kids had to endure the stress and trauma of their dads arrest. Probation cannot be bothered to communicate with families of offenders. Families of offenders ARE offender managers, not probation! Ex offenders are released back in to their family homes and many families place rules in order whilst living under their roof. My sister did. But by trying to help her partner and communicate with his probation officer, the outcome was - her children are still having nightmares over the police taking their dad and arresting and handcuffing him in front of them! Jim, you are probably a decent probation officer, but trust me, some probation offices within the UK couldn't manage to run a tap, never mind manage an offender!