I am writing in response to the above post by Jim over at Probation Matters .

While I often agree with Jim some of his comments here are an indication of the difference between realities. His and prisoners families !!. His comment that Prisonersfamiliesvoices, "often contains worrying and uncomplimentary examples of probation involvement" is true, it does, why is that?.

In an ideal world we would all like to believe that probation officers are logical, reasonable, analytical human beings, worthy of trust, able to show some compassion, in a lot of experiences this is not the case. He comments "I can honestly say probation officers are not stupid", well that must mean they do stupid things intentionally, or is it those damn forms again? When he says "all probation officers only want to hear the truth, or honestly held opinions" I am sure there are some that do, then there are others who wouldn't know truth or reality if it shook their hand. As for trust being earned, it is a two way street, how do you continue to trust someone when they send you to a drug/alcohol infested hostel in order to rehabilitate? exclude your family from any of the decision making process, then expect to reduce re offending?