The Unwelcome Guest? - By Jim Brown, Probation Officer

When asked what I do for a living, on more than one occasion I've joked about earning my living from crime. Of course although in a sense it's literally true for many of us in the police, prison, court and probation services, not to mention the legal profession, it never was a funny joke. Even less so now that some of us will inevitably find ourselves doing something else next year when the cuts really start to bite.

I guess all of us in the criminal justice system have always had that thought lurking at the back of our mind that if we were really successful at what we were doing, we wouldn't have a job. We never give it much thought though as clearly nothing much seems to work and hence up till now there's never been a real danger that the mortgage wouldn't get paid. It doesn't stop us trying to be more effective of course and many a career has been built on introducing new initiatives, or just plain old re-inventing the wheel, depending on your view and place on the career ladder.

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