We're All In This Together - By Jim Brown - Probation Officer

With all the excitement focussed on the Murdoch empire, I've neglected to mention theCriminal Justice in Meltdown lobby of Parliament on 6th July. This was in effect the launch of a joint campaign by NAPO, PCS, POA and Police Federation against cuts and further privatisation within the Justice sector. The full joint briefing document can be downloaded from a link to be found here.

Things are speeding up somewhat because Ken Clarke has announced two further prison closures, HMP Latchmere House in West London and HMP Brockhill in Redditch. Latchmere is a 'Cat D' establishment with an interesting history. It was initially used in the First World War as a hospital for soldiers suffering from 'shell shock' and in the Second World War by MI5 for the interrogation of enemy agents when known as Camp 020. Brockhill is a relatively modern but run down 'Cat C' establishment.

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