3 Year Old Too Scared To Visit Dad In Prison

Hi and thanks for a place for families of prisoners to voice their views. My three year old daughter won't step foot inside a prison to visit. Our last visit gave her nightmares. On a table close by to us, someone was caught possibly trying to smuggle something to a prisoner. All hell let loose and the prison officers practically dived on them. This scared the living hell out of my daughter and now she will not go and visit her Dad. This has now put a strain on hers and her Dad's relationship. Maintaining family ties? I wish idiots would stop quoting this ludicrous saying.
The Government, or should I requote, the useless Government, couldn't give a toss about the hundreds and thousands of innocent children that go through HM Prison's doors to visit their family members. Many of the general public would more than likely say 'tough' and they shouldn't have gotten themselves in to prison in the first place. That's true and I won't argue with that. But if you are one of them, then step back and think about the innocent people that visit. Especially the children who are put in to this situation through no fault of their own.

Anonymous Blog Reader and Partner Of A Prisoner