8 Year Old Boy Executed

THE Taliban's execution of an eight-year-old accused of ''collaborating'' with foreign forces has proved too much even for Afghans hardened by three decades of fighting.

''Islam does not permit anyone to sentence a minor to execution,'' said Mawlawi Mehr Del, deputy head of the Muslim clerical council in Helmand. ''It is against Islam, against sharia. God may be extremely upset with them. Those who do something like this are neither jihadis nor Taliban, they are enemies of human life.''

Islamic law prohibits the execution of anyone under 18. The Taliban's own code of conduct, drawn up by the movement two years ago, stipulates that no commander may order the execution of minors.
Witnesses said the execution of the child, named Delawar, took place in a garden near his home in the village of Heratian in the Sangin district of Helmand.

About a dozen men took part in the hanging death of the child, whom they accused of spying for British forces.

Sangin resident Taza Gol, 60, said the boy screamed for his parents as the militants put a rope around his neck.

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