Bolton Social Services

Bolton Social Services - Oops, sorry, I meant, Bolton NO Social Services, aren't worth a carrot. So if you have any concerns for a child's welfare, forget them lot and ring the NSPCC.

You are probably thinking why? Well, a few months ago, I had a little boy staying with me who needed some help. His Dad's a piss head and his mum is mentally ill. But, Social Services strongly believe that a child needs to be with its parents - Poor Baby P!

Today, I saw the little boy in the back of a Police car breaking his heart. He had tried to steal something from a supermarket. A can of pop to be precise. He was sobbing his heart out stating he didn't want to go home. I can't go in to major details, but what I can say is this, his home life is diabolical. Me being me, and having genuine concern for the boy, rang the out of hours Social Services. A social worker rang me back - well if that's what you can call the ignorant pig. Do you want to know what he said to me? Well here goes. He said, " I'm glad he's in the back of a Police car!" I replied, " well I'm not." Then I told him I would be making a formal complaint on Monday morning. The dick-head social worker then replied, " You do that!" And then hung up on me.

By the grace of God, it was the brilliant NSPCC who helped me out. So for all those who read our blog in the Bolton area who have concerns for a child's welfare, don't bother ringing the out of hours Social Services department. Ring the NSPCC instead! They are superb!