British Prison's Breed Criminals - By Mark ( Ex Offender )

son released from prison a druggie

From PFV reader and ex offender Mark. ( Regarding the above link/topic )

I'm an ex offender and I met a few lads on the wing who had never been in contact with hard drugs before they went inside. It's funny isn't it how people say, " you shouldn't break the law." Rightly so you shouldn't, but non drug users who come out of HM Prison is criminal in its own right! British prison's breed more criminals under their roof's and rehabilitation is bull sh*t at its best. I clearly remember one guy who became addicted to gear ( heroin ) in prison. The likes of probation and drug services would say, " well you must take responsibility for your own actions." Basically meaning, " you can always say no to drugs." But have they ever tried saying, no, to a prison drug dealer? Rose tinted glasses spring to mind....