Children Are Suffering Because Of Their Parents Actions

Picture of little girl not associated with story.

My son is in prison. I am currently looking after his little girl because of his actions. What disgusts me is that he doesn't seem remorseful or bothered because he has told me that prison is OK and he will soon be home. Prison is not OK. It isn't OK for the thousands of children that are suffering because of their parents actions. Having watched the coverage on, Sky News, of the riots in London and other areas of the UK, I am disgusted, however not surprised. Thugs, youths, or whatever your word is for them who are wrecking the UK, have no future. My son is in prison, but in my defence, it is not through bad parenting. I have two other son's who are in full time employment and a credit to the community. Bad parenting is to blame for some of these hooligans, there is no disputing that. Quite clearly the Police chiefs live in a different world to us by requesting all parents take their kids off the streets. Some of their parents would have been ordering goods for them to loot!!!! Every letter, every email and every phone made to the Government often falls on deaf ears. Look how many years charities have been campaigning for children affected by imprisonment? How still to this day that the likes of Social Services do NOT recognise the problems children of prisoners go through? How much funding has been slashed for youth services? The country, the UK is a broken country and the Government need to fix it pretty quick sharp. If voices fall on deaf ears, then sadly, and I mean sadly, youths and gangs will retaliate. The UK is abysmal!

From Mum of an offender