Children Who Are Frightened Of Prison Visits - By Anon

Everytime I take my daughter to visit her Dad in prison, she always asks if the prison officers will lock her up to because of the searches we have to go through. She's 6 years old and The Prison Service do nothing to help the children that come through their doors. They search the children, violate babies by looking in their nappies and subject them to drugs sniffer dogs, yet not one prison officer will take an upset child to one side and explain what is happening. For first time prison visitors, this can be a very harrowing experience and on top of all that, prison officers look down on families like they are dirt. I try and explain to my daughter the best I can, but during our journey home from prison visiting, she asks lots and lots of questions. I know that the saints within our communities will frown upon the fact that people take children to visit their parents in prison, but as far as I am concerned, until they have walked in our shoes, they can button their mouths!