Ex Squaddie Gets Himself Back In Prison

Hi PFV. I hope you are all well. I have wrote a few posts in the past for your blog and would like to bring your attention something I am truly disgusted with. My man is currently residing in an HMP establishment. One of the guys on the prison wing was released two weeks ago and was released homeless with no where to go. I wasn't in a postition to help him but I met him and gave him a few contact telephone numbers for homeless shelters. Whether it's because these homeless organisations are busy and run off their feet I don't know, but he only managed to secure a roof for a few nights. The last time I spoke to him was when he was sat in the shopping mall asking for change. I took him to a cafe and bought him a coffee and a warm meal. Some of you may shake your head and ask why. Well the reason why is because he is an ex serviceman who served in The Falklands. A British citizen who didn't get any help from this place called the UK. Maybe he'd have had a better chance getting help if he was smuggled in the back of a van through customs! I won't apologise for my anger because I find it a disgrace that one of our soldiers are treated this way. The ex squaddie and ex offender is now back in prison. I believe he committed theft because prison was his only chance of a roof and a meal. When will the UK wake up and start taking care of their own?

With love to all PFV readers, from Bev