Government & The Riots - by Mary PFV volunteer

Like the Partner of A Prisoner (Govt. are out of touch) I am astounded by the lack of any sort of reasoning when it comes to this Governments attitude towards the recent riots. They have been warned for months that their determination to cut, cut, cut would lead to this very thing!!

Now their answer is to lock em up, deny benefits and evict them from their homes!! Absolutely no mention of trying to address the social issues which have created the 'thug'. No admittance that when they cut funding to youth centres, support platforms, mentoring projects, legal aid and the like, affected the poorest, most socially isolated members of our society.

Yet how much money (we don't have) is being poured into the banks? Billions!! That money would have been far better spent creating jobs, legislation that would see the return of the apprenticeship, in the way it was supposed to work, investing in the young, poorest and most disadvantaged in the Land would make far more sense to me than supporting a bunch of fat cats, interested only in furthering their own interests.

One of the saddest things for me to realise is that the stupid, senseless acts of burning and looting has unfortunately played right into the hands of Cameron and his cronies. All it has achieved is to give this Govt. the mandate to introduce more repressive laws. If you think 'stop and search' is bad, wait and see what they will come up with next!!.