Heroin - By Prisoner Ben Gunn

It is rare for me to criticise my peers in public. We have enough enemies as it is; why give them more ammunition? And yet it would be dishonest of me to ignore the reality of heroin and its effects on prisoners.

As a hard-line libertarian, I defend every person's right to use or abuse their body in any way they choose.

Not that I understand some of these choices, least of all a decision to become enthralled by heroin. We all know its effects - it can rapidly turn people into selfish, lying, thieving ratbags whose whole personality becomes an extension of finding the next bag of gear. I just don't see the attraction, but if that's a life someone opts for then good luck to them.

I may be indifferent to the corrosive effects heroin has on the individual, but I care deeply about the corrosive effects that heroin has on the prisoner society.

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