Heroin, Prison And Families - By Anonymous

I was with my partner for ten years until he became addicted to drugs. He had an operation and for the pain, someone offered him heroin. He quickly became addicted to it and become a monster. He stole from me and the kids, household items were sold to second hand shops and the list is endless. He was then convicted for theft and was sent to prison. He wrote to me a few months ago and I reluctantly went to visit him. He looked well and regrets everything he has put me and the kids through, but I am battling with my feelings. Heroin destroyed our family. If I give him a second chance, would he stick to what he's told me that he will never touch heroin again? For all those innocent families affected by drug use, there should be more services for us because I haven't received an inch of support from anywhere, whilst my ex partner has received lots of support in prison. My head aches with it all!