Prison Documentaries Are Damaging - By Anon

Hi. I would just like to share a story with you. It's upsetting for me to write but I need to get things off my chest. My son has anger issues and is fighting a lot at school. This is because the other kids taunt him about his dad being in prison. Things were quite stable until the Strangeways ( HMP Manchester ) documentary and it snowballed from there. He was a quiet clever lad and now his school work is suffering and I have been told that he has been drinking Vodka of a weekend with some youths who live nearby us. The effect of imprisonment on my son and us as a whole has been absolutely devastating. I understand that prison documentaries need to be shown as a public interest, but a lot of people, including the victims of crime too, suffer because of them. Victims families have to go through the upset of having everything dragged up again and children of prisoners having to go through the process of bullying! These documentaries are damaging all round.