It's Piggin Ridiculous - By Prison Widow

OK, some of you know I have a bulldog. But what some of you don't know is that I also have a pet pig by the name of Elmo. I woke up early this morning to feed him, and some evil person had put a coppers helmet on his head in the middle of the night! Anyway, I rang the Police and they thought I was taking the pee! So I sent a photo of Elmo to the Police, only to get a bloody email back saying that if I sent it again, they would prosecute me for wasting Police time! Then, I'm pegging the washing out and who walks by? But two Community Police Officers who shouted, " Hey! Isn't your pig a bit insulting to the Police Service wearing that helmet?" To which then I replied, " Well I sent a photo of the pig to your Police Station!" The Community Support Police officers gasped in disbelief! Then took my name and address. They then took a photo of Elmo and said they were giving it to their Seargent! I then asked whether I could go and take a photo of their Seargent and obviously they said no, but asked why I would want to do that. So I replied, " Well there really isn't any point entering them both in a lookalike competition if I haven't got the Sarge's photo alongside Elmo's to compare it with! Oh My God! Haven't the Police got any common sense at all? Come to think of it, don't answer that one! So yes, all in all, I have had a wonderful relaxing Sunday with not just 1 pig, but a group of them!