Maintaining Ties For Some Families Is Impossible

Hello Prisoners Families Voices. I read the story/post about a boy being bullied because his Dad is in prison. ( Above highlighted link )

I found it so hard to tell my young son that his Dad was in prison. But I told him because I didn't want anyone else to tell him. When my boy asked me why his Dad was in prison, I couldn't bring myself to tell him and whether it's right or wrong, I just changed the subject. Not long ago, my son came in from school crying and told me that another child had told him that his Dad was a robber and that's why he is in prison. My partner was convicted of armed robbery and I am guessing that the other school child was told by his Mum or Dad about our situation. The problem I have now is this. My son is too scared to visit his Dad in prison because he is a 'robber'. He has been to see his Dad before, but now he refuses point blank and will not go. This is now putting a strain on our family and my partner is devastated because his son won't visit. It's like a wound that I can't make better because I can't put flowers on what his Dad has done.

It is honestly easier telling a child about death than it is trying to explain why a parent has gone to prison along with the gory details. I have read a lot about prisoners families being encouraged to maintain ties, but that's easy for people to say when the offence itself puts a huge strain on families when there are young children involved. How do prisoners families maintain these ties when a child of a prisoner completely refuses to visit their parent in prison?

Best wishes from Anonymous Blog Reader