National Association Of Probation Officers Need To Listen

Being A Probation Officer - By Jim Brown

RE: The above post.

I would like to say something regarding the post by Jim Brown. I am not knocking anyone individually who is a probation officer. I am slating the Probation Service in general because since my hubby has been home, he is a different, depressed, man. This is what The Prison Service do to people. They do not rehabilitate them - they ruin them. I had an home visit by my hubby's probation officer, who was OK. As Jim says, probation officers aren't there to be liked. But when they are dealing with innocent family members, some of them should cut their attitude and be more helpful. Since my hubby has been released, there has been none of this bull crap rehabilitating nonsense. He's been left to his own devices and I am the one who is trying hard to be patient whilst he resettles back in at home, not his probation officer who he sees, well lets say sees, 15 minutes a month. His probation officer isn't the problem, it's the useless system that's always been a failure. I also think that the likes of NAPO need to listen to some of the families of offenders too. Some of their stories will open their eyes!

By Cassie