No Statement From Prisoners Families Charity

Hi. I'm a mother of a small child affected by parental imprisonment. My husband is serving an IPP sentence. What I have observed is that it seems no one can walk the walk. We have charities that supposedly 'represent' us, yet fail us when it comes to defending prisoners families on occasions such as HMP Bristol when the prison degraded families by inviting the media in to film us. No statement was made on behalf of the charities and I am asking why? Are charities now becoming businesses? Businesses that are making money off the backs of prisoners family members? Those who run the visitors centre at HMP Bristol should have indeed made a statement regarding the abysmal treatment of families courtesy of prison Governor, Peter Noonan. By the way, I was one of those visitors on the day HMP Bristol decided to degrade us.

Yours Faithfully

Furious Family Member Of Prisoner