Parent In Prison And Children In Care - By 'Jane'

Social Services

Hi to everyone at Prisoners Families Voices. I read the post earlier about Social Services.
I would like to comment because I have been in prison and whilst I was in prison, my mother God bless her, looked after my children. Whilst inside, I met a woman who didn't have the option I had, and her children were put in to care. I stayed in touch with the woman inside when I was released from prison. One of her children has just landed himself in a YOI ( young offenders institute) and the other child is slowly going off the rails too. Social Services split the two boys up and they both ended up with different foster carers. The effect of imprisonment and quite clearly being split up from each other as brothers, has had a profound impact on her children.
I would also like to say that when I was in prison, many women in there came from social care.
I have often heard that some social workers are good. That may well be the case, but I'm sorry, they aren't where I come from. Social workers are employed to make the Government money by filling prison beds. A comment on your blog that I totally agree with. Do I have respect for social workers? No. I haven't the time or day for social services. What I'm getting at is, I was fortunate to have my mother when I was sentenced to prison. Many women don't have supportive families and quite often their children go in to the care system - to prepare them for prison life! I have seen it whilt I served time and it's very very sad to see too.