Prison Destroys Hundreds Of Families - By Vicky

Release From Prison And Family Problems

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For many children of prisoners, maintaining contact with a parent in prison is difficult. This can be due to a number of factors. Some families cannot afford to visit frequently because their loved one is imprisoned miles away from home. Others have transport issues and basically the list goes on. When children and family members struggle to maintain ties with a loved one in prison, the release of that loved one is a very stressful event to look forward too. Children age, as do we the adults. Our attitude to life changes along the way too, as does the prisoners. As a family, we all become detached from one another because prison is designed to fracture relationships and in some cases, that fracture grows weaker and fails to heal. My ex partner served quite a long time in prison. He was moved around the country and so were me and our children. The travelling and the whole situation became too stressful and we parted. We parted on good terms though and he actually came to stay with us when he was released from prison. He was a total stranger to us. Prison had crippled him emotionally and he wasn't the same person. Our children couldn't relate to him anymore and it was soul destroying for all of us. I hear so many prisoners families say, " We can pick up where we left off." I agree that for those serving short sentences, this can be achieved. But for those families who are serving long, drawn out, sentences, the story is quite different. I know some strong individuals who indeed stand by their family member in prison. I myself did for quite some time. For families to rebuild their lifes after a prison sentence is served, the system needs to make sure that these families can actually achieve maintaining ties. They need to remove the hurdles that The Prison Service purposely put in their way making it hard for families to maintain contact. If the Government firmly believe that maintaining family ties can reduce re-offending, then they need to wake up and smell the coffee, because release from prison actually destroys hundreds of families.