Prison Hits The Pockets Of Prisoners Families

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I have often heard people say that prisoners don't have to worry about money or meals. Whilst that may be true, most people seem to forget that we, the families of prisoners, do have to worry about money because it is the innocent family members that have to pay for telephone calls, stamps, and their clothing, as well as canteen and our visits.
My visits cost me £30.00 a time and that's with help from the assisted prison visit unit. On top of that, I send my partner £10.00 a week because of the price of the prison phone calls which are so expensive. That money for calls is so that he can talk to our children. Maintaining ties with prisoners is all well and good, but it cost's money. Prison hits the pockets of prisoners families. So next time you hear someone saying that prisoners have it made in jail, think about the many many families who pay The Prison Service and Government out of their money/wages for the privellage to see their loved ones and keep in touch with them.

Girlfriend Of Prisoner