Prison Officer's Request To See Baby's Nappy - By Anonymous

Hi. I have a 4 month old baby and took him to visit his dad last week in prison. He is in a prison near London. I would rather not say which one. I knew there would be searches as I have visited prison before, but I haven't taken my baby with me on those occasions. I was heartbroke and still am that the prison officer asked me if she could see my baby's nappy and I had to change him in front of her. Other visitors were watching and I felt sick to my stomach having to do it in front of strangers. HM Prison degrades families and children. It's an awful experience having to subject your baby to this and when I told a few of my friends, they said they wouldn't have taken their child anywhere near a prison and acted a bit funny with me. If organisations keep saying that this maintaining family ties with a loved one in prison is vital, then they really need to have a look at how the bloody prison service treats families and children! Because no way am I taking my son to see his Dad in prison again!

Prison Widow Comment: Sorry to hear this. It really isn't fair is it and I've sent you a list of support groups in your area. Maybe The Prison Service ( Our friend Michael Spurr ) should order that the prison officers nappies need changing considering they are prone to throwing their dummies out of their prams! ( prison officer strike springs to mind! ) Take care sweetheart and please do use those links I have emailed you! God Bless x